Beware! Natural Gas Lines May Intersect Sewer Lines. Safety Tips for Drain Cleaners, Sewer Cleaners and Plumbers

Be Alert for Cross Bores in Sewer Laterals!

Homes and businesses may be served by several underground utilities, such as gas and water pipes, electric power lines, communication lines or fiber optic cable. These utility lines may run down the street or within a right-of-way. In urban and suburban areas, these lines are likely to be installed via directional boring, a trenchless technique that avoids damage to sidewalks and landscapes.

Unfortunately, some sewer laterals that serve private property may go undetected when new utility lines are installed. As a result, a utility line can be bored or pierced directly through a sewer lateral in what is known as a "cross bore.”

National Grid's goal is to help increase awareness of the potential for underground natural gas distribution lines that may have been inadvertently drilled, moled or plowed into sanitary sewers, storm sewers and other utilities.

If you suspect a gas line blockage of a sewer line, call National Grid at 1-877-370-5047.

If a gas line has caused the blockage, National Grid will remove the line and make repairs at no charge.

Order free safety materials

Order free copies today of National Grid’s brochure, Beware! Natural Gas Lines May Intersect Sewer Lines.

This brochure will help you:

  • Recognize a potential intersection of gas lines with sewer lines (a cross bore situation).
  • Prevent accidentally drilling into a natural gas line.
  • Recognize the signs of a natural gas leak.
  • Respond to a natural gas pipeline emergency.

How to use this brochure:

  • Refer to this brochure before you start to clean out clogged sewerage systems that may be near underground natural gas distribution pipelines.
  • Give copies of this brochure to your employees or fellow workers.
  • Use the brochure during safety training sessions.
  • Keep them with you for a quick reference.

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